Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lack of Posts...

I have to say that I am sorry for not posting more lately. One quarter ended and I had a stack of fifty-five papers to grade. Then I had to teach at church on Isaiah, which I know next to nothing about. Then the new quarter began and I have the privilege of teaching two hours of the course on the subject of sacrifice in the OT next week, which I am having to touch up on over the next few days. Add to that the facts that I am teaching on Isaiah again on Sunday and Daniel on Wednesday, my plate is pretty full.

All of that being said, I hope tomorrow to make my penultimate post in the Impossible Yoke series. It will be about Timo Laato's reading of Philo and Josephus. Shortly after that (maybe on the same day???) I'll make my final post in the series, which will simply be a wrap up.

For the purpose of advertisement, I am going to be writing two papers this quarter: one on the infamous pistis christou debate and one on how Paul's usage of the word "blameless" in Philippians 3 matches up with the notion of law-keeping in the literature of Second-Temple Judaism. Look for more posts dealing with those topics in the weeks and months to come!


Patrick G. McCullough said...

I look forward to reading your coming thoughts!

J. Matthew Barnes said...

Thanks Pat!