Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's Been So Long...

Wow. I just noticed that my last post was in July. Geez, what have I been doing?

Well, I finished a paper on the notion of "blamelessness" in Second-Temple Judaism and the New Testament. I have begun taking a course on learning to read French while being the teaching assistant for two courses (an introduction to the Gospels and an introduction to the rest of the NT). My wife and I went to Hawaii to celebrate our fifth anniversary. I have been teaching a series on prayer at church and my wife and I have been preparing for a visit from family for Thanksgiving.

As you can see, I have been busy. Even still, I do hope to blog a little more frequently in the near future. I would like to write about football, Pauline theology, the SBL conference, and a friend's book that he graciously gave to me for free.

Keep your eyes peeled...but don't hold your breath!


Patrick G. McCullough said...

Welcome back, my friend! :)

See you at the Fuller Breakfast?

Anonymous said...

You have a website!!

Heidi was a bit miffed that you got to go to Hawaii...

So what did you ultimately conclude Second Temple period Jews (or maybe better, biblical authors) believed about blamelessness? And which OT texts did you use? And which Hebrew words are translated as blameless? All of which to say, I wouldn't mind getting a copy or having you fill out your blog a bit :)