Thursday, November 29, 2007

Two Hours to Kickoff...

Welp, it's two hours until kickoff. The Cowboys and Packers are set to play today in what will prove to be a huge game in determining which team in the NFC has home-field advantage. Normally at this point I would be wrapping up my responsibilities and getting ready to settle in for hours of couch-sitting and yelling at the TV.

But not today.

Thanks Jerry Jones and everyone else at NFL Network. Believe it or not, this game is not being broadcast on national television, neither on cable nor over the air (which is all I have!). Nope, only those with satellite or those who have forked over the dough to get it on cable will be watching.

Now its one thing to not get to see the Nationals play the Blue Jays in Southern California during the MLB season; but this is the NFL, there's only one game on today, and its two of the most popular teams in the country! Here in LA on the local talk radio shows there is one major personality whose favorite team is the Packers and another whose love the Cowboys. This is a national-interest game. Plus both teams are 10-1!

Now I understand full well why the NFL Network is doing this. Every penny that comes in because of this game goes straight into the NFL's coffers, unlike the times when their games are on ABC, CBS, FOX, or ESPN. The NFL is not having to share the profits.

But what has me wondering is how much money will they make on this game? With fewer viewers watching this game than if it was on network TV or cable, will the advertisers flock to peddle their goods during the game? If not, then will the monies paid to the NFL Network from subscribers and cable companies offset the advertising losses?

I have no idea whatsoever. All I know is that I don't get to watch my Cowboys play today and I'm unhappy! And before anyone dares, don't tell me to subscribe or get satellite. I have better things to spend my money on than that!

Like traveling and buying books.

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