Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good Blog Entry...GREAT Title!

None of Us Is As Smart As All of Us.

I wish I had thought of that title. It did get me thinking, along with an article I read about Will Smith. So, sometime tomorrow I am going to post a blog (or maybe a vlog!) where I talk some about the basic need of community in the church. We need each other. None of us is as smart as all of us!

Good night...


Barnabas File said...

Thanks, Matt. Isn't it surprising that the idea of community in the church is so novel that dozens of new books are being written about it?

J. Matthew Barnes said...

Its both good and telling that there are many new books on this subject. Community is an important subject and needs to be recapitulated as often as possible; but at the same time, this is an issue that should have been ingrained in every Christian from the beginning of his/her faith journey.

Oh well, all we can do is our best I guess!