Monday, May 19, 2008

Life Update

The other day at Fuller I ran into someone who was disappointed that I had not updated my blog in a long time. Firstly, I was pleased to see that someone reads my blog and, secondly, I have updated it as of today! And for those of you who may be interested, here's a partial list of things that I have done since my post about the Talmud in March:

  • I have been in the middle of researching and writing a paper for Dr. Donald Hagner's History of New Testament Research class. What I am writing about is the early history of interpretation for Philippians 3.2-11.
  • I am taking a directed reading (AKA independent study) with Dr. Seyoon Kim on the subject of Jesus and Paul. I hope to write about some aspect of Jesus' and Paul's view of the Law.
  • I have been busy TAing two classes, one on 1 Corinthians with Dr. David Downs and a distance learning class on the Gospels with Dr. Marianne Meye Thompson.
  • My wife and I went on a trip to Las Vegas and had a lot of fun even though the city doesn't fit us and we don't fit it.
  • I officiated the renewal of my parents' vows at Niagara Falls in Canada, which was a great honor and a boatload of fun!
  • While in Canada I smoked a Cuban cigar that was heavenly.
  • I have started teaching a new series at church on Christian theology and comparative religion, which has gone pretty well so far. Yesterday we talked about Eastern Orthodoxy, which was eye-opening for all of us (at least I hope it was!).
  • And lastly, before going to Vegas we got a new camera that I am loving!
Well, thanks for reading and I hope to post more often in the coming weeks and days! Look forward to more reviews and some more of my normal stuff too!


Eric Sowell said...

He wasn't the only one waiting around... :)

J. Matthew Barnes said...

It is great to find out that people actually read (and hopefully enjoy!) what I put out there in the world!

Thanks Eric!