Thursday, June 04, 2009

NBA Finals

I'm not the biggest NBA fan on the planet but I do enjoy the sport. Living in LA, however, has given me an interesting view of the Lakers and their fans. I have two main observations: 1) When the Lakers lose a game (any game) all the fans immediately ask for Phil Jackson to be fired, Lamar Odom to be traded, doubt Kobe's heart, etc, etc; and 2) At the start of every series Lakers fans overestimate their team, despite past performance. I'm not sure if this is a phenomenon that is common, but as a Cubs and Cowboys fan I guess I'm used to underestimating and giving the benefit of the doubt to everyone. I mean I don't want to be depressed all the time, since I love two losers!

Anyway, I think this series will be much tighter than most Lakers fans are expecting. The Lakers have the best player in the series in Kobe, their bench is deeper, and their coaching is better but the Magic have some important advantages as well. Namely, the Magic are tough, which has caused the Lakers trouble throughout the playoffs and regular season, and they have several guys who shoot the three well, including two who are 6'9" or above. If the Magic get their inside-out or outside-in game working, the Lakers will be in some trouble, especially since the Lakers three-point shooting has been less than stellar this post-season. One more thing, the Lakers are the favorites, while the Magic are hungry. These facts could be positives or negatives for each side.

My prediction: Magic in 7. If the Magic pull a win out of the first two games at Staples and then get two out of three at home, the Lakers would have to win both of the final two games at home. I'm betting that the Magic could steal one of those games! This is going to be an exciting series! We won't even remember LeBron/Kobe when this is over!


Walt said...

I was watching the game, and I thought, 'Gee, the Lakers have the best player and he's maniacally driven to win the championship. And they have experience, losing last year to the champs. How could they lose?' But then I realized that was the exact thought I (and the planet earth) had before the Magi beat the Cavs. So who knows. I like your pick, though. I'm pulling for 'em, I feel obligated as a Spurs fan. Howard seems to be David Robinson, Jr., and of course, I can't stand the lakers.

By the way, I've enjoyed the posts lately. Keep 'em coming!

J. Matthew Barnes said...

Thanks Walt!

As of right now the game just ended and the Lakers won 100-75. That's okay. The Magic can still win Game 2 and be on pace per my prediction. If the Magic lose Game 2 as well, the I wouldn't be surprised at all if they win in much as that saddens me to say!

And thanks for the encouragement! I have two blogs coming about novels that I just finished.