Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cool Bible Map Site

I installed StumbleUpon, a FireFox add-on, today. The way that it works is you click on the Stumble! button and it takes you to a website that you might enjoy, based on your chosen preferences as well as your ratings of different pages. My first Stumble! took me to Planet eBook, a site that lists free classical literature to read and share. This was a good find but the next Stumble! was even better: BibleMap.org. The way that this page works is that you enter a biblical text into the interface and it shows you the location of the geographical locations mentioned. I'm sure that it is not perfect, not to mention that the actual locations of a number of place names in the Bible are disputed, but it does give its users a pretty good idea of geography associated with a text. Also, the place names are hyperlinked to information about that location, usually from the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, which is quite handy for quick reference.

Here's a screenshot:

So check it out, I bet you'll like it too!

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