Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Vlog #4: Autism and the Church

I read an news story recently that really stimulated some thought. I've tried to articulate a little bit of that in this video. Please watch it and think about the questions at end (and below).

1. What should churches do to accommodate the needs of people with autism and their families? Or should they make accommodations at all?
2. How can churches better serve the needs, including spiritual needs, of people with autism?
3. If you are a member or leader of a church, will you talk with someone in your church about these issues because your church will likely be dealing with these issues soon (if not already)?

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Anonymous said...

Well, they just need to go low church! :)

I'm kidding, but only partly. It seems like a less orderly service (like my own church's) might be able to handle outbursts a little better than a highly ordered service (like a typical Catholic mass). We also don't believe anything actually happens to the bread and grape juice that we serve during communion (and that my wife and I actually provide for our church). So, it's more about participating in this remembering moment of the cross with our community. That allows us to be a little more flexible.

J. Matthew Barnes said...

I agree and disagree about the low church idea. It is a looser environment, so it may be easier for the other people (including the family of the child with autism) to shake off the distraction. However, for the child with autism the routine of liturgical services has a calming influence on them. So I guess its a wash.